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Welcome to my website.
I have over 500,000 prints and 60,000+ original slides available to order, and we will shortly be adding
original Black and White negatives to our services - they will be a mix of 35 mm and 120 size negs (and larger).


This is the first price increase I have made to the price of the prints since I started the on line service
over 10 years ago and I have also had to increase the postage costs for the first time.


I plan to update you on a regular basis of significant additions to the collection.
I will take this opportunity to say that we are always interested in purchasing good quality original 35mm
colour slides and Black & White negatives (both civil and military - especially pre 1980). I am also interested in
buying Black & White print collections - but only those printed before 1970. If anyone is interested please contact
me with details at "brianmap@btinternet.com" or MAP, 23 Waggoner's Way, Morton, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0XR.

Brian Pickering
August 2022

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