About Us

MAP started off in 1969 as Pickering's Photo Page in the Blackbushe magazine (and later the WLAG magazine), this developed into MAP/Military Aircraft Photographs in 1973 when my wife, Christine, took it on as a full time occupation Then, in 1975, I gave up my job to join her on a full time basis. The name, MAP, was used as at that time we only sold military aircraft photographs. However, in 1975 we decided to start offering civil aircraft to our customers and now the collection is about 50/50 military/civil in size. During the late 70s early 80s the business expanded rapidly and we purchased the Real Photos aircraft collection (this was started in the 1920/30s by the Meccano Magazine) and we also marketed the RAF Museum's photo collection. At our peak we had seven people working in the business, but this has now diminished to only two - Christine and myself.

In 2011 the monthly photo list side of the business was taken over by our son, Moray, who now runs it as The Aviation Photo Company (www.aviationphotocompany.com). We have retained the catalogue side of the business and all our collection (of over 450,000 Colour and Black and White Prints) is available via this web site. In addition, we have our Original Slide service (see that section for more details).