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The Original slide lists are split between Military and Civil and most of the slides for sale are single examples. In most cases the slide frames have data written on them relating to the subject.. Prices start from just £1 (with a £10 order minimum) and our catalogue covers all aspects of aviation from the 1960s right up to the present day.

You can either browse our military and civil catalogues (see links below) or use the search function to find what you want. If searching please remember to include the word "slide" in any search so that your results will only include original slides and not items from our photo list. So if you are searching for F-16s simply search "F-16 slide" and you will be presented with a list of all out F-16 slides for sale.

The information listed is as follows -
    1) Slide number - please quote this in any correspondence
    2) Aircraft details - ie serial/registration, aircraft type, owner/markings, year taken.
    3) Slide quality - this is a number between "1" and "5" , with "1" being the highest quality and "5" the poorest. The level of quality is decided on the overall slide taking into account lighting, position, sharpness, clutter and any     blemishes/scratches on the actual slide. 
    4) Price - this is the price set for that slide and is based upon "3" above and also the rarity value of the  subject. As most of the slides on sale are single copies, the price quoted is not negotiable.

In addition to the price per slide you have to add postage (minimum value quoted)) of £2 (UK), £5.00 (EU) and £6.00 (elsewhere).
We are also happy to send your order insured/tracked for an additional fee - please ask for details.

Each month we produce a new Original Slide List with between 400-500 civil and military slides listed - a PDF copy of this can be obtained each month by emailing brianmap@btinternet.com with your name and email address. The list is sent out to all our Slide Customers and the slides are sold on a first come first served basis, with orders coming in within minutes of the list being sent out.

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